Michelle De Silva and fiancé Frank Alatorre attended the inaugural Burbank Beer Festival with some work friends. “It was intimate and friendly with plenty of IPA’s “explains Michelle. The Burbank Beer Festival was by all accounts a successful endeavor bringing in crowds in the thousands to sample dozens of beers and some ciders. 


This was the first year that California Beer Festival put on a show in Burbank’s downtown.  For those who were nor brew inclined the streets were filled with and shoppers as there was a street fair featuring art, booze signs and other goods was packed all day. Michelle and Frank both attended the festival and seemed to enjoy themselves.

It was fun for all ages 21 and the crowd was mixed with male and surprisingly lots female beer aficionados who seemed to drink the whole spectrum offered.

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Some of the highlights included local beers alongside some of the big boys who came out to play. New Belgium was there and sold out of beer by 6:00 other lines were so long I didn’t even bother.

But there were some surprises of the show.

Some of the beer highlights were

  1. Angel City Wit- Soft and rounded with balanced nutty and hops quality.
  2. Chang Lager one of Thailand’s best kept secrets. It was as always crisp and clean and easy to drink.
  3. Elysian Jasmine IPA- decent floral notes and spice with some stone fruit.

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Once some of the kinks are worked out next year’s event should be spectacular and I look forward to attending.