For many of us 2016 sucked. It certainly did for Hollywood and the Music world. Fuck 2016.. It’s a new year new rules, new beginnings and let’s have some goddamn fun!

Here are some general rules for 2017.

Rules for 2017…

  1. stop being your own worst enemy
  2. become hedonist like me, you will have better skin
  3. Boycott junk food 6 days a week go nuts have fun on the last one
  4. You know that thing he wants you to do. DO IT….
  5. Smoke cigars.
  6. Move away from Ohio!
  7. Wear that dress! Trust me!
  8. Guys get a fucking haircut
  9. Skinny jeans are for women…
  10. Visit Brattleboro
  11. Give Oral more and give it better!
  12. Drink Armagnac
  13. Stop ordering obscure shit to stump the bartender.
  14. Read a book or several
  15. Do NOT take this too seriously
  16. Gents… and I use that term loosely these next few are for you
  • Open the goddamn door for her or him.
  • Man buns are acceptable if you are
  • From the islands like Hawaii,
  • American Samoa
  • NZ
  1. Never ask if you can kiss her just do it…if she slaps you or maces you then you misread the situation. (DO not Be TRUMP)
  2. Look people in the eye..
  3. ohh and stop playing video games.
  4. befriend 2 or more lawyers
  5. give your friends more on yourself
  6. Take your head out of your ass!
  7. Put down your fucking phone.. (not now, keep reading) but afterwards
  8. Drive as if you are not a fucking blind moron.
  9. Drink responsibly
  10. Send a thank gift when someone gives you a ride home.
  11. You will all arrive at the same time. Do not jump the line to get on a plan early. All in the same boat.
  12. Register to vote. As long as you are 18 by the next Election Day you can register whenever.
  13. Listen to someone over 70 for an hour a month. Knowledge runs deep.
  14. Inexpensive whiskey is ok..

Do those things this month and for the rest of 2017. Each month there will be a new rule for each day. Do not fret there will be plenty of reviews and tasting notes even in the rules…


Love Justin


Make 2017 your Bitch!