Consulting Services

Below is a list of the Services offered by the well trained expert staff at The Grapevine Consulting

  • Menu design
  • Planning Stage Consulting
  • Product Brokering
  • Bar/ Beverage  Program Design
  • Custom Cocktail Recipes
  • Staff training (Front and Back of house)
  • Social media Planning
  • Relationship Building


  • Owner/ Manager Education
  • Tasting room Design
  • Business plan review
  • Crowd funding
  • Chef training (Culinary Basics)
  • In home/ business events
  • Wine list Design

Everything we do is custom to the needs of the individual client and no two clients are alike.

Whatever your needs as a craft producer, restaurateur, hotelier or winemaker we can build a program to help you grow as fast as you need.

We can build classes for you to educate your customers on your products! Because you are busy….